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Steep. Stop. Sip. Resteep.

You’re in control. At Mennä we’re revolutionizing the way you steep, stop, sip and repeat.

True tea lovers know that every blend should be treated differently. Some of us need that extra kick of English Breakfast to get the day started (quick & easy steep). In the evenings, a calming dose of Chamomile (slow & steady steep) to relax. We’re just all about giving you the perfect tea, anytime. 

Did You know Mennä can be used for :

  • Loose Leaf Tea

  • Tea Bags

  • Hot / Cold Brew Coffee

  • Fresh Herbal Infusions

  • Fresh Herbal Infusion

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Easy Pour

A wide spout for smooth drinking or pouring

Keep It Locked

A locking top to prevent spills

Easy Clean

Easily comes apart for cleaning. Dishwasher safe.

Flexible Infuser

Works with loose-leaf, bagged tea or even fresh fruit.

Teas With A Twist

Start/Stop brewing with a turn of the ring

Hot or Cold

Double walled stainless steel for 6 hours of heat or cold

Candy Colours

Coming soon in new colours & finishes

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