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Your mental health is very important to us. That’s why at Mennä Life, we are working to create a safe space to promote mental health awareness, education and support. Our founders have been personally impacted by mental health struggles with loved ones and are bravely choosing to initiate this conversation.

Your mental health matters!

With each purchase of a Mennä product, a portion of sales will be donated towards mental health initiatives for youth. Mental illness is a prominent societal issue that must be addressed, and we plan to take part in breaking the debilitating stigma associated with this illness. Make your mental health a priority and help us do the same for others. Together we can make a change!

Mennä  strives to provide the perfect balance for every infusion created using one of our unique products.

This balance is the inspiration behind our new technology, but also reveals a

much more important message. As individuals, we all have a balance that we must maintain in our lives so as not to be overwhelmed by everyday life.

We all deserve a moment of comfort, and this is what our technology strives to achieve, because what’s important as individuals, is that we make time for wellness each and every day.

Join the Mennä Community today and help spread the word that Mental Health Matters by tagging us in your posts with #MennaHealth & #MennaMood